TAA40104: What is the difference between a Training Package and an accredited course?

In TAA40104 Certificate IV Training and Assessment you have begun to explore Training Packages and have discovered that they are benchmarks for training and assessment in the workplace training and assessment sector; that they include endorsed components—competency standards, AQF qualifications and assessment guidelines; and that the delivery and rollout of Training Packages  is supported by various materials such as learning and assessment resources and tools.

Training Packages progressively replaced accredited courses as the key workplace training and assessment products and benchmarks. However, there are still accredited courses in areas without Training Package coverage (such as some niche and general training and assessment areas). Accredited courses are based on units of competency or modules of training. They are defined within the AQTF Standards for Registered Training Organisations (P 5) as:

…a structured sequence of workplace training and assessment that has been accredited and leads to an Australian Qualifications Framework (AQF) qualification or Statement of Attainment.

Accredited courses, like Training Packages, are subject to the AQTF and State and Territory regulatory frameworks. They are accredited by a State or Territory registering body under the AQTF Standards that apply to these bodies, the Standards for State and Territory Registering/Course Accrediting Bodies and the guidance in the AQTF Guidelines for Course Developers.

Under the AQTF, accredited courses cannot be developed where there is coverage by a Training Package.

Like Training Packages, accredited courses also require supporting materials, as the curriculum provides the framework but does not provide you with the tools or full suite of resources you will need in delivery and assessment.

TAA40104 Certificate IV Training and Assessment Activity:      Accredited courses

Download a copy of the AQTF Guidelines for Accredited Courses from < http://www.dest.gov.au/sectors/training_skills/publications_resources/profiles/anta/profile/developing_vet_courses.htm .

Read pages 1 and 2 then go to pages 24 and 25 and read the extract from the AQTF Standards for State and Territory Registering/Course Accrediting Bodies that has been included in this document.

Answer the following questions.

‘Key Skills Aboard’ is a client wants to provide keyboard skills training in the area of Business Studies, from Certificate I to Certificate IV. This client wants to badge the training with their company name and wants the training to be nationally recognised. Will they be able to have courses covering keyboard skills and business training accredited?

If not why not and how else can they promote and market their training?

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